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Religious Education

At St Swithun’s we use the Agreed Syllabus for Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough and Luton.  Our principle aim when teaching RE is to explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that pupils can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living.

Our programme of study is as follows:

Year Group Unit – Key Questions
Reception F1 Why is the word ‘God’ so important to Christians?
F2 Why is Christmas Special for Christians?
F3 Why is Easter special for Christians?
F4 Being Special: where do we belong?  2 religions
F5 Which places are specially valued and why? 2 religions
F6 Which stories are specially values and why? 2 religions
Year Group Unit – Key Questions Religions covered
Year 1 What do Christians believe God is like? Christians
Why does Christmas matter to Christians?  How and why do we celebrate special times? Christians
Who is a Muslim?  What do they believe and how do they live? Double unit Muslims
Why does Easter matter to Christians? Christians
What makes some places significant?  What makes some places sacred to believers? Christian, Muslim
Year 2 How and why do we celebrate significant times?  What makes some celebrations sacred to believers? Christian, Jewish people
What can we learn from sacred books and stories? Christian, Jewish people
How do we show we care for others?  Why does it matter? Christian, Muslim, Jewish people
How do we show we care for the Earth?  Why does it matter? Christian, Muslim, Jewish people
Who is an inspiring person?  What stories inspire Christian, Muslim and /or Jewish people? Christian, Muslim, Jewish people
What is the ‘good news’ Christians believe Jesus brings? Christians
Year 3 Where, how and why do people worship? Muslims, Jewish people, Christians
Why do some people think life is like a journey?  How and why do people mark the significant evens of life? Christians, Hindus, Muslims, non-religious people
What is the ‘Trinity’ and why is it important to Christians? Christians
What kind of world did Jesus want? Christians
Why do Christians call the day Jesus dies ‘Good Friday’? Christians
How do festivals and family life show what matters to Jewish people? Jewish people
Year 4 How is faith expressed in Hindu communities and traditions? Hindus
How is faith expressed in Sikh communities and traditions? Sikhs
How do festivals and worship show what matters to Muslims? Muslims
For Christians, what was the impact of Pentecost? Christians
What are the deeper meanings of the festivals? Muslims, Jewish people, Hindus, non-religious celebrations
How and why do people try to make the world a better place? Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, non-religious people
Year 5 What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving? Christians
Creation and science: conflicting or complementary? Christians, non-religious people
Values: what matters most to Humanists and Christians? Christians and non-religious people, with opportunities to include other faiths studied
How and why do some people inspire others? Hindus, Sikhs, Jewish people, Muslims
How do Christians decide how to live? ‘What would Jesus do?’ Christians
What do Christians believe Jesus did to ‘save’ people? Christians
Year 6 What helps Hindu people as they try to be good? Hindus
How is faith expressed in Islam? Muslims
Justice and poverty: why does faith make a difference Christians, Muslims, non-religious people
What will make our community a more respectful place? Religious and non-religious ideas
Why do some people believe in God and some people not? Christians, Muslims, non-religious people
How does faith enable resilience? Christians, Muslims and/or Jews and/or Hindus, non-religious people

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