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Our Science leader is Miss Lorna Maydwell

At St. Swithun’s we teach science under a topic name (e.g. Forces might be taught under a class topic called Feel the Force) but named as a subject, ensuring that the children understand that they are learning about science.

The science curriculum is carefully planned so that the children build their scientific knowledge year on year, building on their existing skills and knowledge.  Our focus in these lessons is to teach the scientific skills and knowledge surrounding a particular topic we are covering.  We take a very practical approach to the teaching of science and try to include as many investigations as we can, beginning each investigation with a ‘Big Question’ that we are aiming to answer. We aim to provide children with ample opportunities to develop their ‘Working Scientifically Skills’ starting in the Early Years, developing right up until Year 6. Our investigations range in length and we expect children to link the results of their investigations back to their ‘Big Question’ and conclude whether or not they managed to answer it.

We hold a school ‘Science Week’ every year, and have been lucky to host workshops led by local scientists. The children love these workshops and enjoy learning about science through various fun activities. We also focus on different scientist’s achievements during these weeks and come together at the end of the week to share what we know.

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