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Worship and Values

St Swithun's is a Christian values based school.  Each half term the children learn about a new value.  This is explored in class and through whole school and key stage worship.


At St Swithun's we believe that following a values based education will:

  • Encourage all of us to do the best we can
  • Provide a moral framework
  • Encourage reflective thinking
  • Help us understand how our behaviour can impact on our friends, our school and our community
  • Strengthen our sense of belonging
  • Promote the giving and receiving of support


At St Swithun's we think that the Inukshuk reminds us of the Values that we have in our school.

An Inukshuk

An Inukshuk

An Inukshuk is a stone monument in the shape of a human.  They were built by the Inuit'a in the Arctic.  They were way markers - a survival tool in the harsh climate.

All the stones are unique and separate but they support each other,  They symbolise co-operation, balance and unselfishness.

The children are encourage to complete a pebble for Tuesday Worship to share what others have done to show the school's Values.  Children who have shown the school's Christian Values receive a Headteacher's Award in our Friday morning Worship.