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A Miracle in Town

Our youngest children have worked together to re-create the story of the Nativity.

EYFS Performance



Welcome to our special production of the Nativity 'Superstar'.  Each year group has produced their own part of this exciting story celebrating birth of Jesus Christ.

Maple Performance

Everyone is very excited about the nativity.  I wonder who the real superstar will be.  Our story continues with the journey of the three wise men.

Willow Performance

The three wise men knew they had to follow the star to Bethlehem to find the new born King.  It was not just the three wise men that had to make a long journey.  Mary and Joseph had only a donkey to take them and when they finally arrived a stable was the only place for them to rest their weary heads.

Oak Performance

In that very stable something exciting happened.  Mary gave birth to little baby Jesus with Joseph and the animals for company.

Chestnut Performance

The bright star was seen in the sky by people far and wide.  The shepherds knew this was quite extraordinary and began their journey too.

Beech Performance

Back in the stable it was an amazing site.

Maple finale

Happy Christmas everyone.